Credential Evaluation FAQs

What is Credential evaluation required for?:

Even if you are highly educated and have degrees from your country, these are not recognized in the US and hence you cannot take full benefit of them if you wish to come to the US and study or work here. Have your educational background formally assessed for employment, continuing education and immigration purposes.

What is Credential Evaluation? :

The Credential Evaluation is an evaluation of a client's foreign education and/or employment history in relation to the requirements of the United States.

What will the Client Receive?:

Clients will receive an evaluation report which outlines how the client's foreign credentials (degrees, certificates, diplomas) compare to U.S. standards.

How do I apply?:

Click here to apply. Upload your documents or fax or email as an attachment.

How do I pay?:

You can click here to pay the fee online.

How soon will I get my evaluation report?:

Regular credential evaluation service takes 5 days from the time the application, documents and payment are received. We offer a "48-72 hours Rush Service" for an additional fee of $80.00" and a 12-24 hours Rush Service" for an additional fee of $200.00. This is the time required for processing and evaluating your credentials and sending you an electronic copy for approval. We will mail it to you on the next working day. International shipping charges are applicable for delivery outside the United States.

What documents are required?:

Documents of each program to be evaluated indicating the courses, grades and hours/credits for each course. Also the certificate (diploma/degree or any other) awarded by the Institution on completion of the program.

Are original documents to be sent?:

Not at all. Only clear and legible copies will suffice. Please do not send original documents. We will not be held responsible for any liability due to loss or damage to original documents submitted. However, we reserve the right to request for original documents for verification, if we so desire. Original documents not requested for, will not be returned and will be discarded.

How many copies of the report will I get?:

We send two official copies. Extra copies can be ordered if required at an extra charge. Electronic copies in pdf format are also available. Please see the options on the application form.

Documents in foreign language?:

Please fax/email the documents for a transcript translation quote or send certified English translations with the foreign documents.

Are Evaluation World evaluations accepted all the time?:

Our credential evaluations meet the requirements of the department of immigration and homeland security, the Federal Government for employment, most major universities and employers. Please note that an evaluation report is advisory and no evaluation will be accepted 100% of the time. Our evaluations are well accepted. However, always check with the office you will be submitting your evaluation to, and make sure that they accept the Evaluation World evaluation.

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